Wind Leggings

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Dot punching design leggings that create a slim leg line on the body.

Dot punching on the body creates a slim leg line, and a hidden pocket inside the obi adds practicality.

Design Point
Leggings that can adjust the support strength by attaching a band adjustment ring to the waist.

Material Properties
The high-density, high-gauge fabric made from double-sided weave perfectly protects the muscles in any movement, and you can perform high-intensity workouts with confidence. In addition, it contains elastane yarn from the global company INVISTA, which has excellent elasticity and resilience.

A hidden pocket is added to the inside of the obi for added practicality.

Middle rise
With front sight
With waistband
Inseam 24.5"

Cool Airstream: 71% nylon, 29% polyurethane