New Noble No-cut Leggings

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Upgraded version of Mulawear's signature noble leggings.

Minimize the sewing line, the front seat is removed and there is no waistband, minimizing lower abdomen irritation and belly drying.

Comfortable to Wear
It has an air hole in the fabric structure, so it is lightweight and quick-drying to absorb sweat and repel water, so you can wear it comfortably.
Because there is no front seam, there is less burden on the Y zone, and there is no waistband, so there is no pressure on the lower abdomen, for maximum comfort.

Soft Touch
These leggings are made of Mula's self-developed fabric and have excellent elasticity and soft feel.

The back waist line is straight, so you can engage in a variety of activities without lifting up when worn.

Middle rise
No waistband
Inseam 22.5"
Back straight line

Noblox: 79% nylon, 21% polyurethane