MULA Crew Socks

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Pleasant and comfortable fit, MULA Men crew socks.

Soft touch
It is soft to the touch with a cotton-based material.

Comfortable to wear
It has excellent breathability, and its moisture-absorbing and quick-drying function absorbs sweat well and dries quickly, providing a pleasant and cool fit.

Shock absorption
Double cushioning (pile) absorbs shock and protects the knee during running and weight training.

Arch support
It is possible to wear it with a sense of stability even with active movement, and it prevents slipping even if you put pants in socks.

Daily use
It is a medium-necked sock with a length that goes up to 1/4 of the calf. 

Regular fit
Shock absorption
High elasticity

80% cotton, 10% polyester, 5% nylon, 4% rubber yarn, 1% polyurethane