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Jim Basic 4 part short pants with a stable fit
The double-woven woven span fabric provides a comfortable fit, and the design with a slightly exposed waistband gives a sophisticated feel and adds a stable fit.

Woven spandex fabric
It is a woven span fabric woven in a double weave, and the inner surface of the fabric has a three-dimensional texture, so it does not stick well, so you can wear it comfortably and comfortably even without a lining.

Graphic point
These are short pants with a one-point graphic with a kettlebell motif applied to it. Built-in inner panties It has a built-in inner panty and can be worn alone.

Design point
A hidden pocket zipper creates a clean look, and a dart is applied to the buttocks to increase the amount of activity, allowing for more freedom and comfortable movement.

Ideal for high-intensity workouts
The waistband is slightly exposed to give it a refined feel and to add a stable fit, and the double slit at the hem minimizes discomfort even during intense exercise.