Engineered Cooling Jogger Pants

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Pants that cover the Y zone and maximize the fit.
Jogger pants with increased activity by applying stretch fabric absorb sweat well and dry quickly, so you can feel comfortable even after exercise.

3 layer fabric
It has a cover function with three layers of fabric connecting the body and pocket fabrics in the front center of the inside of the pants.

Pocket Zipper
Zippers are applied to both pockets so that the pockets do not open and you can safely store personal items.

Waist String
The size can be adjusted with a string at the waist, and it is fixed at the center of the back so it does not move up and down well.

Moisture Absorption
It absorbs sweat well and dries quickly, taking away heat, making it relatively cool and comfortable to wear.

Regular fit
3 layer fabric

Outer material: 78% nylon, 22% polyurethane