Merchandise & Laundry Guide

Acceptable tolerances

In the case of PC and mobile screens, there may be color deviations between products, so there may be slight differences from the actual product color.

Please note that in the case of products that are being restocked, there may be slight color differences depending on the batch.

Items and body measurements on the product label are recommended dimensions, and it is accurate to check the actual dimensions in 'Size Information' in the product information.

Because it is made by dyeing the fabric, there may be some water loss due to the residue.

- We recommend that you wash and wear the product when you receive it.
- If you wear it without washing it, there may be restrictions on subsequent processing if water dries out and color transfer occurs on other products.
- If the water drains heavily during the first wash, wash it lightly 2-3 times. If the water continues to drain after that, please contact customer service.

Laundry Care

If you take care of the washing method, you can wear it like a new product for a long time.

We recommend hand washing individually before wearing all products.

It is recommended to use a mild detergent, and wash it by rubbing it lightly without rubbing it with your hands or twisting it with strong force.

If it is left on top of other clothing while wet with sweat after exercise, it may cause discoloration or color transfer due to the salt in sweat, so we recommend washing and drying it quickly after wearing it.

If left in strong sunlight when drying, contamination, discoloration, and deformation may occur, so please dry in a cool shade.If the pad is left on a sweat-soaked top for a long time, sweat may be absorbed by the pad, resulting in discoloration or color transfer.

When drying the pad, after arranging the shape of the pad, gently press it with a dry towel to remove moisture and dry it in a cool shade.

Warranty Standards

If you check the product precautions and washing guide, you can use the product for a long time.

In case of damage or damage due to consumer negligence, we are not responsible for compensation for damage even during the period during which exchange/return is possible