Mula means ‘making it fit to your body’ in French. Mulawear believes that true beauty comes true when you realize the taste and sense that are just right for yourself, regardless of the standards of beauty defined by society.

We support women who love themselves and enjoy healthy lives doing sports. We create premium fitness wear that people can enjoy the comfort and beauty in the moment of finding the best fit.


The logo with flower pattern consists of five petals each representing ethical management, customer satisfaction, sensual design, reliable quality, and continuous research and development.

1. Ethical Management
- A Trusted Company with fair and reasonable management 

2. Customer Satisfaction
- A Customer satisfaction system that puts  our customers  opinions first. 

3. Sensual Design
- Sensual design leading the trend 

4. Reliable Quality
- Proven Quality with long term know-how and unique technology 

5. Continuous Research & Development
- Continuous Research & Development for satisfactory quality. 

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