Soft Cover-Up Cropped Short Sleeves

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Feminine short sleeve with a subtle look on it.
This is a cover-up item for customers who are uncomfortable with wearing only a bra top. Using a see-through material, the innerwear inside is subtly reflected, creating a feminine look.

Comfortable to Wear
Comfortable to wear with material that is soft to the touch and elastic.

Eco-Friendly Yarn
Tencel yarn, an eco-friendly yarn made with eucalyptus wood raw material.

Minimum Exposure
Boat neckline minimizes chest exposure, keeping the look conservative.

Short sleeve lightly hanging over the shoulder with thin see-through material to subtly reflect the innerwear gives the top a feminine vibe.

See-through material
Excellent elasticity
Minimize chest exposure
Eco-friendly materials
Comfortable to wear

Outer material: 95% tencel, 5% polyurethane