Hybrid short pants

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Lightweight short pants with excellent recovery and stretch properties.

For the rise, a stretchy material is applied, and a slit at the back of the pants is added to increase activity.

Because it contains spandex, it stretches well and has good recovery, so it has excellent activity and wearability.

Material Properties
The lightweight material makes it light and easy to store, and since there is a thin coating on the material, it instantly bounces off when it comes in contact with water, making it waterproof.

Comfortable to Wear
You can feel a cool and comfortable fit by applying a perforation to the yoke at the back waist.

Product Detail
There is a shim pocket on the right side when worn, so it is easy to store your belongings.

Inner Triangle Panties
The front side of the inner triangular shorts is made of soft nylon for sensitive areas, and the back side is made of a polyester mesh to prevent sweating.

Regular fit
Waist band
Inner triangle panties

Outer material: 67% nylon, 19% polyester, 14% polyurethane
Color scheme: 61% nylon, 39% polyurethane
Lining 1: 88% nylon, 12% polyurethane
Lining 2: 93% polyester, 7% polyurethane